Satoshi Tokuda Melodion Blues With Jon Hammond In Suzuki Stand Tokyo Big Sight

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Satoshi Tokuda Melodion Blues With Jon Hammond In Suzuki Stand Tokyo Big Sight

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Satoshi Tokuda Melodion Blues With Jon Hammond In Suzuki Stand Tokyo Big Sight

Satoshi Tokuda Melodion blues with Jon Hammond in Suzuki Stand Tokyo Big Sight Suzuki Musical Instruments Identifier SatoshiTokudaMelodionBluesWithJonHammondInSuzukiStandTokyoBigSight Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3 #SuzukiMusicalInstruments 木製鍵盤ハーモニカ アルト W-37 価格:オープンプライス 受注生産品 木製カバーのモデルです。クラシックやミュゼット、ジャズといった繊細な音表現が求められる楽曲においても、他の楽器と調和する柔らかな音色を目指し、きちんと主張しながらも柔らかい音色が誕生しました。

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Berkeley’s oldest restaurant, Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto, has permanently closed Happy Birthday at Spenger's Jon Hammond! #HappyBirthday #Spengers #Melodion #SuzukiMusicalInstruments

Anyone hoping to pop into Spenger’s restaurant Wednesday for a cocktail and oysters or full seafood dinner was greeted by darkness. A white paper sign posted on the locked front door read, “Spenger’s has closed its doors permenatly (sic)! As of today Wednesday October 24, 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you!”
When Berkeleyside called the West Berkeley restaurant, Kevin Campbell, who said he was with the Kelly Restaurant Group, which owns — or owned — Spenger’s, picked up the phone: “Thank you for calling the former Spenger’s.”
Campbell, who is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Kelly Restaurant Group is based, said he couldn’t say much at this time but confirmed the restaurant had been transferred back to “the owners of the development.” 
Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto, Berkeley’s oldest restaurant, in a building that’s a city historical landmark, was originally the home of Bavarian immigrant and fisherman Johann Spenger. He started selling clams and beer from the front of the building in the 1890s. The eatery at 1919 Fourth St. expanded through the years and over the Spenger’s generations, becoming a full-service restaurant in the 1930s. It’s always specialized in fresh seafood and was known for thick clam chowder served with baskets of crusty San Francisco sourdough bread on the side.
Gerald Figone says:
"Hurts, grew up there, my family’s restaurant on my mother’s side. They sold it to McCormick and Smeck (sp) as they were getting up there and the younger family wanted no part. Relatively recent M&S was purchased by Landry’s and then the property was sold. Lot of great memories and sea food but has not been family for about 20 years. Last two people I knew there were the hostesses who have other jobs. It has already had some new businesses go into the North end and I think all will be nice. It’s a landmark so the exterior will remain. I hope (and I’ll check) that some history is preserved. I have two favorite photos one is both my grandfathers and some uncles with Jimmy Doolittle and so me of his pilots at a Spenger’s lunch."
Jon Hammond: "pretty shocking! I ate there first time with my folks when I was 5 - had a hamburger on sour dough with a Shirley Temple! I had my last birthday there in March actually - and it was very enjoyable! My Dad used to go fishing with Frank Spenger. - RIP Spenger's!! "

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Back In Tokyo Big Sight! James N Wes Blues Suzuki Harmonica Koei Tanaka Feature Hammond And Berger

by Jon Hammond 

Mitsuru Kawarai / か笑い みつる , Yamanaka Yuya , Satoshi Tokuda, Takeshi Kobayashi

Tokyo Big Sight-- 日本楽器フェア協会/Musical Instruments Fair Association Japan - Jon Hammond plays the XK-5 Hammond Organ, Koei Tanaka master Suzuki Chromatic Harmonica, Joe Berger guitar - James n Wes Blues Suzuki Harmonica Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 - fan site Feature Hammond and Berger - special thanks Shun Aoji, Kiyota Yamauchi, Joe Lamond President CEO NAMM Show, Suzuki Musical Instruments Team #Suzuki HammondOrgan #Harmonica #Xk5 #Tokyo Identifier BackInTokyoBigSightJamesNWesBluesSuzukiHarmonicaKoeiTanakaFeatureHammondAndBerger Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3 Satoshi Tokuda and Jon Hammond in Tokyo Big Sight! W37, Manji Suzuki, Sk2, Organ, Melodion, Satoshi Tokuda, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Tokyo Big Sight, Blackberry Keyone