Evolution of Wireless folks, by Jon Hammond

Evolution of Wireless folks, by Jon Hammond 
Evolution of Wireless folks!!
Alfred Hitchcock with Sony Transistor and Nameless Traveler in SFO with wireless device 60 years later - Jon Hammond
Finished Exhibit: "On The Radio" SFO LINK:
Finished Exhibit "On The Radio" will be up for 8 months at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) folks! #RADIOSFO Special thanks California Historical Radio Society SFO Museum - Jon Hammond
#BackOnTheAir #CaliforniaHistoricalRadioSociety #HammondCast SFO Museum

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Steve Kushman President of CHRS Interview with Jon Hammond

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STEVE KUSHMAN of CHRS on HammondCast KYOURADIO with Jon Hammond

by Jon Hammond 

Steve Kushman the President of California Historical Radio Society aka CHRS interview by Jon Hammond on HammondCast Show KYOURADIO & KYCY 1550 AM. Interview with Steve and Jon filmed inside the historical studios of Radio KRE Berkeley CA built in 1937 and currently operated by the California Historical Radio Society as the premier Radio Museum and Headquarters of CHRS. One of KRE's many claims to fame was it's use as the set for Wolfman Jack's appearance in George Lucas' 'American Graffiti'. Jon Hammond. The audio portion of this interview was heard on Jon Hammond's daily radio program HammondCast Show 
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