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#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 1028 Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Jon Hammond Show 1028 - Manhattan Neighborhood Network - MNN Channel 1 - Air Time 01:30 AM EST 10/28 on Channel 1 - Music, Travel and Soft News 1st segment Blues In The Ellington Room Night - 'Big Boss with The Hot Sauce'! Jon Hammond Band Ellington Room Session - swinging funky jazz and blues, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Chuggy Carter percussion, Joe Berger guitar, Ray Grappone drums, Jon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Bill Beer Super Leslie speaker - as seen on Jon Hammond's cable TV show late Friday nights on MNN TV Channel 1, 34th year Manhattan Neighborhood Network - MNN - audio recorded on Jon Hammond's 1976 Nakamichi 550 on Maxell Type II tape with 3 nice Sennheiser microphones 2nd segment Lee Thomas KCSM Announcing Big Winner Caller Number 9 Tkts For Cookers Yoshi's Show Lee Thomas Kcsm Jazz 91.1 FM announcing Big Winner Caller Number 9 Tickets for The Cookers Yoshi's Oakland Show on October 22nd - thanks Lee! - Jon Hammond - The Cookers @ Yoshi's Oakland 3rd segment: CZECHOSLOVAKIAN SALSA SONG Ellington Room Session - co-written with Saul Salsakovitch & Jon Hammond - performed here in Times Square, New York City Ellington Room, Musicians: Chuggy Carter percussion, Joe Berger guitar, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Ray Grappone drums, Jon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Super Leslie speaker built for Jon in 1971 by Bill Beer Keyboard Products of Los Angeles with JBL Speaker & Horn, 250 watts rms Solid-State Bi-Amplification system - Audio recorded on Jon Hammond's 1976 Nakamichi 550 (Sennheiser microphones) newly refurbished by Willy Hermann Services, also special thanks Scott Robinson & Joe Selkregg California Historical Radio Society - ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) - Jon Hammond Band - Jon Hammond Organ Group 4th segment: Awesome Funky Jazz Tribute To Cannonball NDR Horns Jon Hammond Band Full High Definition Version: Awesome Funky Jazz Tribute to Cannonball NDR Horns feature on Jon Hammond Band Auster Bar Jazz Series concert Hamburg Eimsbüttel. FunkyHeinz Lichius drums, Michael Leuschner trumpet, Lutz Büchner tenor, Fiete Felsch alto, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass - special thanks Nicolai Ditsch for operating the camera, this concert was filmed in High Definition - Frank Blume, Torsten Wendt - Knut Benzner NDR Redaktion - Musik Rotthoff support - Gideon Schier Fifth segment: Jon Hammond Show Podcast HammondCast w/JOE FRANKLIN Stay tuned for The Jon Hammond Show tv shows from the archive and Podcasts & HammondCast - remembering main man Joe Franklin! Identifier JonHammondShow1028 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3

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