Jon Hammond We're going to send up some music power in honor of Gregg Gregory Gronowski and his family tomorrow evening - see you on the bandstand Mr. Berger /

Jon Hammond We're going to send up some music power in honor of Gregg Gregory Gronowski and his family tomorrow evening - see you on the bandstand Mr. Berger / Joe Berger! Arcada Theatre St. Charles *Just last June, Gregg Gronowski MC'ing Hammond Party in Nashville Tennessee Director Of Sales And Marketing Company NameHammond USA Dates EmployedJun 2012 – Jon Hammond The sky is on fire here in lovely Saint Charles, Illinois / Land O' Lincoln Boys! The heavens are opening up to send up the music to Gregg tomorrow night - Jon - Big Hellooo Hammond Organ USA & Suzuki Musical Instruments ! Yes I'm coming home to my birthplace Chicago, Illinois on a very special mission - Chicago directly below - coming in for a landing for the big gig for Gregory Gronowski Family tomorrow - I'm in town and not messing around - Jon Hammond "Introduction and Words about Gregg Gronowski for Sound Soul Summit for Gregg - Arcada Theatre - Jon Hammond at the microphone and Organ Good evening St. Charles! We are here this evening to honor Gregg Gronowski and send up our music straight from the heart - I know everybody here in the Arcada Theatre was touched by Gregg and the amazing work he did with Hammond in just a few years working together with Scott, Ray Gerlich and Hammond USA Team and Suzuki Musical Instruments Team since he took over Sales and Marketing in 2012 - Gregg was a fine musician and a fine person - always professional and Gregg had a very special type of dry humor which I came to appreciate -- I am proud to call him a friend - that I miss very much! Let’s get right down to some music, I’m very happy to introduce on Tenor Saxophone: Steven Eisen - Drums: Sam Jewell, Joe Berger - guitar and yours truly at the Hammond organ. This tune is from my first album, it’s entitled “Lydia’s Tune” - I wrote it in Paris in 1981 - Thanks Gregg & Lori and everybody for coming together for this here in the Arcada, thanks Ron Onesti for this fine bandstand and hospitality! Program: 1. Lydia’s Tune 2. Cookin’ at the Arcada 3. (Late Rent chaser)? - 10 minutes " "Hammond organ concert to benefit family of Gregg Gronowski" Kathy Cichon Elgin Courier-News The Hammond organ seems to inspire not just loyalty amongst the musicians who play it, but also a spirit of camaraderie. "It's not joining the Elks or the Moose Lodge or something, but it is a fraternity/sorority... People helping and coming together. A lot of this was formed by Gregg. If you needed help, Gregg was there to help," said Scott May, organist for the Ides of March and project manager/artist liaison for Hammond USA. "That selflessness and brotherhood became the order of the day, and it's been wonderful to have that with so many artists and so many big names. It started with Gregg, and now we perpetuate." More than 20 Hammond artists will come to together Wednesday, Feb. 22 at the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles for the sixth annual Hammond Sound Soul Summit. The concert, which begins at 7:30 p.m., features musicians from across the genres including rock, jazz, pop, Gospel and more. During this year's Summit - the first time the event is held in the Chicago area - they will celebrate the life of Gregg Gronowski, Hammond USA's director of sales and marketing. Gronowski, who is credited with helping to create the family-like relationship among the Hammond musicians that's affectionately dubbed "HamFam," died in August 2016 following a massive stroke. All proceeds from the concert will benefit Gronowski's family. "He was a great guy, a special guy. He's brought together this Hammond family," said Robby Robinson, longtime music director for Frankie Valli. "He was kind of the Papa Bear of the HamFam. All of this Hammond organ people have this affinity and brotherhood so to speak, that it really is kind of a family. It's really special, and I'm so blessed to be a part of it." The night of music features what May calls "an unprecedented lineup" of Hammond musicians across a variety of musical genres. "You don't get to see these artists together in one place. You'll never see Mark Stein from Vanilla Fudge and Dr. Lonnie Smith together in the same show," May said. "You'll never see some of the Gospel artists and some of the rock artists together in the same show. It demonstrates the depth of Hammond family and the camaraderie we have." Among those performing are jazz legend Dr. Lonnie Smith, Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge, Emiko, Rev. Jimmie Smith, Red Young of Eric Burdon's The Animals, Kevin McKendree of the Brian Setzer and Delbert McClinton bands, Yates McKendree, former Tower of Power musician Ellis Hall, Kim Tibbs, Jon Hammond, Jim Afredson, Tommy Leershen, Justin Dillard, Anthony Williams of the Bobby Jones Gospel TV show, Marine LaCoste of Uncle Kracker, Gary Swan from Etta James' band, Steven Eaklor, Peter Gallinari of Leslie West's and Richie Scarlett's bands and Jim Kozak. Also performing is May with the Ides of March featuring Jim Peterik, as well as Robinson with members of the Jersey Boys cast. "We're going to do a medley of Frankie Valli songs," Robinson said. "I've been living those songs for ever and ever. " During the Summit, musical equipment donated by Addison-based Hammond – including an organ – will be raffled, with those proceeds also going to Gronowski's family. "Gregg was very, very special to the company. He wasn't a keyboard player, he was a bass player by trade," May said. "He learned a lot about the instrument and did a lot to bring the company up to a modern level." Robinson said Gronowski was a genuinely warm person who connected with everyone, and that he had a real passion for music and the Hammond organ. That passion for Hammond is something Robinson shares. "I've been playing Hammond since the 60s. I own eight Hammond organs," said Robinson, who is also a composer and producer. What is it about the instrument that inspires such devotion? "There is no other organ in pop music or rock music or Gospel music that has become the standard bearer for the instrument in any of those genres. It just doesn't happen," Robinson said. "It's a one of a kind instrument. It's hard to quantify exactly … but there's no doubt that anybody who is Hammond organ player has a love affair with the instrument. "I love to play piano but when I sit down at the Hammond organ, it's the most fun thing I do in music," he said. "There's a special connection that I cannot articulate what it is, because it's such an emotional experience that it's hard to define it. But it is consistent and it is real." And during the Sound Soul Summit, audience members will have a chance to share that experience when the artists perform. "Guitarists get all the press. Everybody loves guitar players. They get all the press and all the action. The keyboard players kind of sit back," May said. "Now this is time for the keyboard players to step to the front of the stage and shine." Kathy Cichon is a freelance reporter for the Elgin Courier-News. Hammond Organ Sound Soul Summit When: Feb. 22 Where: Arcada Theatre, 105E. Main St., St. Charles Tickets: $25-$100 Information: 630-962-7000 or Copyright © 2017, Naperville Sun St. Charles, Illinois -- Colonial Cafe getting powered up for the big gig for Gregory Gronowski Family tomorrow - I'm in town and not messing around - Jon Hammond - historic St. Charles Location, good food and ice cream! Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back In The Groove XK5 #WATCHMOVIE HERE: Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back In The Groove XK5 Jon's archive Youtube Vimeo Facebook video Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back in The Groove XK5 featuring Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger plus special guest Tokuichi Inoue chromatic Harmonica Masters from Suzuki Musical Instruments - Jon Hammond is playing the new XK-5 Hammond organ and high power Leslie Speaker, the new standard in Hammond B3 digital organ, best modern Hammond organ in history, enjoy! Jon Hammond photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! Tokyo Japan -- thanks for photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi! - Tokyo Japan -- I love playing this organ XK-5 aka XK5 Hammond, come join us for Day 2 Japan Musical Instruments Fair in Suzuki Musical Instruments stand folks! - Jon Hammond Tonight's the night! - St. Charles Arcada Theatre Gregg Gregory Gronowski, Memorial Tribute, Get Back in the Groove, St. Charles, Colonial Cafe, Jon Hammond, #Arcada #HammondOrgan #Gronowski