John Entwistle Stone Pony - Jon Hammond: Howard Stern “Who is this Joe Berger?”

*WATCH THE FILM HERE: John Entwistle Stone Pony Jon's archive by Jon Hammond Published March 5, 2016 Topics Stone Pony, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, John Entwistle, Howard Stern, K-Rock, Rock n' Roll History, Cable TV, #TheWHO #CNNiReport Asbury Park, NJ, The Stone Pony — Monday November 16, 1987: Howard Stern on his morning show on WXRK K-Rock 92.3 FM repeatedly asking Steve Luongo “Who is this Joe Berger?” Jon Hammond: I was there in the station with my Sony D-7 recorder, Luongo kept dodging the question saying “Oh we can’t talk about him right now.” That only inflamed Howard’s curiosity even more. The truth of the story is that Joe Berger is the man who not only introduced John Entwistle to Rat Race Choir band which was already dysfunctional, he convinced John to come to Chicago Summer The NAMM Show in 1987 to play a set with them at the Vic Theatre with a little bit of help from myself Jon Hammond as documentarian for my cable TV program on MCTV - John Entwistle was already a long-time friend of Joe Berger and we filmed him doing an epic jam in Frankfurt Germany together with Zak Starkey on drums, Joe Berger guitar, John Entwistle bass and special guests Jack Bruce, Steve Stevens at the Soundcheck party in Dorian Gray nightclub inside the Frankfurt Airport on the night of February 2, 1987 musikmesse Party as seen on my TV show The Jon Hammond Show. Fast forward to November ’87, here we are at The Stone Pony Joe Berger is at the mixing console, I am filming (Jon Hammond) with a special Sony industrial camera GCS-1 like film, I went all over the world with my GCS-1 cameras documenting musical history for cable access broadcast, we are now in our 33rd year on MNN TV Channel 1 Manhattan Neighborhood Network and streaming worldwide. It’s time to set the record straight on who Joe Berger2 is and how he put John Entwistle together with this group which was already broken up and somehow between Joe Berger and John Entwistle they managed to keep them together enough to play a short tour, even though they were fighting like babies off the stage (also on camera but I prefer not to show it) Mark Hitt did a fantastic job on the guitar, Jack Hotop keyboards also outstanding, Steve Luongo played drums and was self-appointed tour manager which caused a lot of problems in my humble opinion - Dave Chmela vocalist and Luongo are not even on speaking terms, a lot of things went wrong but this documentary footage was early in the tour - the answer to Howard Stern’s question “Who is this Joe Berger” is right here folks! Rock ’n Roll history, Bill Curbishly attended the K-Rock Blood Drive gig that kicked it off at The Bottom Line, after reporting back to Pete Townshend about the gigs with John Entwistle and Rat Race Choir thanks to Joe Berger, Pete Townshend sent a telegram to John Entwistle, John told me that Peter said for him to stop playing with the American blokes or there would never be a Who reunion. A few weeks later The Who John Entwistle, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry went in to rehearsals and a subsequent reunion tour after a period of being on non-speaking terms. So thanks to Joe Berger and in part myself after we brought the films to England and delivered them to John Entwistle at his London house from the Vic Theatre gig and Dorian Gray Nightclub Frankfurt, John felt confident enough to fly over to New York and make the tour, this footage is directly out of my camera folks, enjoy it and keep the Spirit of the late great John Entwistle who very sadly passed away on June 27, 2002 in Las Vegas NV at the Hard Rock Hotel, RIP John Entwistle - sincerely, Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International Facebook video Vimeo Youtube Jon's archive by Jon Hammond Published March 1, 2016 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Lunchtime, Roastbeef Sandwich, Tunafish Sandwich, Music Producers, Barry Finnerty, Jon Hammond, Gibson Byrdland guitar, #HammondOrgan #CNNiReport Lunch at BackBeat Productions January 16, 1985 Freezing Day New York City Jon Hammond and Barry Finnerty - midtown Manhattan, New York Jon Hammond is one of the premier B3 PLAYERS in the world. Proud member of Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM and AFM Local 6 Jon has played professionally since age 12. Beginning as a solo accordionist, he later played Hammond B3 organ in a number of important San Francisco bands. His all original group HADES opened shows for Official Tower of Power Band Jon Hammond Band , Quicksilver Messenger Service - Band and Michael Bloomfield. Eddie Money and Barry Finnerty became musical associates. - TV Producers of Manhattan Neighborhood Network [MNN] [MNN] - Manhattan Neighborhood Network Barry’s wiki: aka Crazy Barry of The Negatives Michael Barry Finnerty (born December 3, 1951) is an American jazz guitarist, keyboardist, singer/songwriter and music arranger, best known for his work as a session musician for artists such as Miles Davis and Street Life (The Crusaders album) - Finnerty is also the author of two books on music improvisation. December 3, 1951 (age 64) San Francisco, California, United States Origin Hong Kong Genres Jazz Producer Jon Hammond Language English Youtube Vimeo Facebook video Jon's archive Head Phone Funk Masterpiece Jon Hammond Band With Bernard Purdie Side Camera Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Funk, Head Phone, NAMM Show, Bernard Purdie, Drums, Hammond Organ, Jon Hammond, Band, B3 organ Head Phone Funk Masterpiece Jon Hammond Band with Bernard Purdie side camera - special thanks to Tino Pavlis and Joachim Wiesel for this side view camera footage of Jon's band showcase for Hammond Organ USA / Suzuki Musical Instruments at The NAMM Show in honor of 80th anniversary of Hammond Organs on the Sound Soul Summit program - Jon Hammondoriginal funk composition "Head Phone" featuring legendary Fatback Funk drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie and Jon's long-time colleague Joe Berger on guitar, from Tokyo Japan Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica artist Suzuki Harmonica - Official Facebook Page Alex Budman tenor saxophone and Jon Hammond at the B3mk2 organ and high-power model 3300 Leslie Speaker with FOH mix by Brian English Audio Denny Mack - this is The Jon Hammond Organ Group - Funk Masterpiece performance with announcement by Stephen Fortner Editor of Keyboard Magazine on a big Friday Night in the Anaheim Hilton Hotel Lobby, enjoy! © JON HAMMOND International, INC. ASCAP FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jon Hammond's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party will take place Tuesday April 5th 2016 in the famous jazzkeller Frankfurt celebrating 30 years! Jon's archive As seen on MNN TV Cable TV Show The Jon Hammond Show 32nd year -- Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics Journal Frankfurt, Journalkalendar, Jon Hammond, musikmesse, Warm Up Party, Hammond Organs, Frankfurt, Blues, Jazz, Soft News, MNN TV Channel 1 - Jazz Party of The Year! #JazzParty FULL HIGH DEFINITION VERSION 29th Year! Jon Hammond's musikmesse Warm Up Party jazzkeller - Big Special Thanks to my good friend Saray Pastanesi for absolute Masterpiece Birthday & 29th musikmesse Chocolate Chocolate cake!! It was delicious, every morsel was consumed and enjoyed!!! Jon Hammond / Jon Hammond Band DIENSTAG, 14.4. ROCK | POP | JAZZ Journal Frankfurt im aktuellen Journal Frankfurt Journalkalender 1 JAZZ/BLUES/FOLK Jon Hammond & Band Wer zählt noch mit ... Mal ernsthaft: der Mann, der so heißt wie sein Instrument, ist zum 29. Mal zur Musikmesse „Warm Up Party”. 21:00, Ffm: Jazzkeller, Kleine Bockenheimer Straße 18a Facebook Jon Hammond - organ Joe Berger - guitar Peter Klohmann - saxophone Giovanni Gulino - drums Mr. Hammond has toured worldwide since 1991 using the incredible Sk1 organ by Hammond Suzuki..™ "Classic Hammond Sound...In A Suitcase!" The Jon Hammond Show is a funky swinging instrumental revue, featuring top international soloists. The show has universal appeal. Big Hammond orgel sound - 100% organic - Jon Hammond Organ Group #CableAccess #HammondOrgan #Blues #Jazz #Musikmesse Producer Jon Hammond Language English John Entwistle John Alec Entwistle (9 October 1944 – 27 June 2002) was an English musician, songwriter, singer, film and music producer, who was best known as the original bass guitarist for the English rock band The Who. He was the only member of the band to have formal musical training. His aggressive lead sound influenced many rock bass players.[1][2] He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Who in 1990. Entwistle's instrumental approach used pentatonic lead lines, and a then-unusual treble-rich sound ("full treble, full volume") created by roundwound RotoSound steel bass strings. He was nicknamed "The Ox" and "Thunderfingers," the latter because his digits became a blur across the four-string fretboard.[3] In 2011, he was voted the greatest bassist of all time in a Rolling Stone reader's poll.[4] According to the The Biography Channel, Entwistle is considered by many to be the best bass guitarist that ever lived, and considered to have done for the bass what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar. John Alec Entwistle was born on 9 October 1944 in Chiswick, a suburb of London.[6] He was an only child. His father, Herbert, played trumpet[7] and his mother, Maud (29 November 1922 – 4 March 2011)[citation needed], played piano.[8] His parents' marriage failed soon after he was born, and he was mostly raised by his mother at his grandparents house in South Acton.[9] Divorce was uncommon in the 1940s, and this contributed to Entwistle becoming reserved and socialising little.[8] His musical career began aged 7, when he started piano lessons. He did not enjoy the experience and after joining Acton County Grammar School aged 11, switched to the trumpet,[8] moving to French horn when he joined the Middlesex School's Symphony Orchestra.[9] He met Pete Townshend in the second year of school, and the two formed a trad jazz band, The Confederates. The group only played one gig together, before they decided that rock 'n' roll was a more attractive prospect.[7] Entwistle, in particular, was having difficulty hearing his trumpet with bands, and decided to switch to playing guitar, but due to his large fingers, and also his fondness for the low guitar tones of Duane Eddy, he decided to take up the bass.[10] He made his own instrument at home, and soon attracted the attention of Roger Daltrey, who had been the year above Entwistle at Acton County, but had since left to work in sheet metal. Daltrey was aware of Entwistle from school, and asked him to join as bassist for his band, The Detours... John Entwistle, Stone Pony, 1987, Joe Berger, Who is Joe Berger, Howard Stern, K-Rock, Jon Hammond, #CableTV #Entwistle #CNNiReport