Return to Auster Bar Hamburg Lydia's Tune by Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Return to Auster Bar Hamburg Lydia's Tune by Jon Hammond Jon's archive L to R: Joe Berger, Heinz Lichius, Jon Hammond Jon Hammond Band returns to Auster Bar - Jon Hammond original "Lydia's Tune" with Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the organ Jon Hammond Organ Group © JH INTL ASCAP Hamburg Germany -- Jon Hammond Band returns to Auster Bar on Germany Reunification Day Holiday L to R Joe Berger, Heinz Lichius, Jon Hammond Organ Group - Tag der Deutschen Einheit October 3 Der 3. Oktober wurde als Tag der Deutschen Einheit im Einigungsvertrag 1990 zum gesetzlichen Feiertag bestimmt.[1] Als deutscher Nationalfeiertag erinnert er an das Wirksamwerden des Beitritts der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik zur Bundesrepublik Deutschland am 3. Oktober 1990, mit dem zum selben Zeitpunkt Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen sowie Berlin als Ganzes Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wurden[2] und die Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands vollendet wurde. English: The Day of German Unity (German: Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is the national day of Germany, celebrated on 3 October as a public holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990, when the goal of a unity of Germany that originated in the middle of the 19th century, was fulfilled. Therefore, the name addresses neither the re-union or union, but the unity of Germany. The Day of German Unity on 3 October has been a German national holiday since the reunification in 1990, when the German reunification was brought out in full force. 3 October is a legal holiday of the Federal Republic of Germany. An alternative choice to commemorate the reunification could have been the day the Berlin Wall came down—9 November 1989, which coincided with the anniversary of the proclamation of the German Republic in 1918 and the defeat of Hitler's first coup in 1923. However, 9 November was also the anniversary of the first large-scale Nazi-led pogroms against Jews in 1938 (Kristallnacht), so the day was considered inappropriate as a national holiday. (See November 9 in German history.) Therefore, 3 October 1990, the day of formal reunification, was chosen instead and replaced the "Day of German Unity" on June 17th, the national holiday of West Germany. — with Joe Berger and Heinz Lichius & Jon Hammond Folks, please send out your most powerful prayers and positive energy for dear long-time special friend Klaus Maier, Michael & Martina's Father (center) is in immediate need of divine intervention, in my prayers here in Germany, thank you - Jon Hammond Organ Group all of us - Jon Youtube North Germany - Blip TV L to R: Joe Berger, Nicolai Ditsch, Jon Hammond Peter and Siggi's House Party Concert in Germany - Jon Hammond Band plays "Get Back in The Groove" from Jon's album "Hammond's Bolero" - first time on the band on drums: Nicolai Ditsch, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Organ Group Lydia, Return To Hamburg, Auster Bar, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Hammond organ, Jon Hammond, Heinz Lichius, Joe Berger, Klaus Maier, Prayers, Local 802, Musicians Union